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Hi, I am Karolien

and it is my mission to empower women so they can improve their lives and, together we improve life on earth for everyone.

Throughout my life, there was one thing that kept coming back:

I always challenged the status quo.

There had to be something else. This couldn't be it for me.

And now that I have reached that level, I am happy to say that change is possible and within reach!

Trauma and past experiences do not define you.

I can teach you how to feel confident. How to find and speak and live your truth. To do what inspires you and change the world just by being you.

You can have what you want and do it the way you want.
You can be radically free


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Bachelor of Science in Psychology


Mindfulness based stress reduction

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

Infusion Familyconstellations

Quantum Connection Hypnose

Sacred Money Archetypes Coaching


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